Hungry For A Loan

Adam moved to Scotland so he could be closer to his children. Having arranged weekend visits, he was now worried that he didn’t have enough money to pay his rent, bills and put food on the table for himself and his three children.
He applied online for a Conduit Scotland loan as he had seen that the interest rate was a lot lower than the high cost credit lenders he had previously used.
Unfortunately, Adam’s loan was declined due to recent debt issues, but Conduit Scotland is a different kind of lender.
As part of their commitment to customers, Conduit Scotland staff make a follow up telephone call to all their customers, whether a loan application is approved or declined.
On speaking to Adam, Conduit Scotland staff were able to organise a food bank voucher for him, which he could collect at the local advice agency. Adam was not aware that he could get such help, so he was delighted. In addition, the advice agency also run a weekly Job Club to which Adam was invited to attend. The Job Club would not only help him get a job but also help him to socialise and reduce his feeling of isolation. Conduit Scotland also referred him to his local Citizen’s Advice office for help to resolve his outstanding debt problems and improve his poor credit rating.

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