Changing Rooms

Elsie was desperate to get her home redecorated as it had not been done for many years. Elsie is elderly and disabled and spends a great deal of time in her home. Though in contact with her family she seldom sees them due to the distance between them, and so cannot rely on them to do the redecoration for her.

Elsie went into her local Conduit Scotland shop, as she had heard from a friend that the staff were friendly and would help her to apply for a loan as she does not have access to a mobile telephone and does not use the internet either.

Conduit staff first checked to see if they could get Elsie help from elsewhere, and suggested she apply to the Scottish Welfare Fund. However, Elsie had already tried and been advised they would not help with a loan for redecoration.

Elsie felt her low mood would improve greatly if her home was redecorated so she applied for a loan from Conduit for £1000 to pay for the materials and to get a tradesman in to do the job.

Conduit Scotland is a responsible lender, regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), and though able to offer Elsie a loan, the amount on offer was reduced to £500 based on her affordability to repay.

Elsie was still delighted with the amount on offer as this would still allow her to get a couple of rooms redecorated. Conduit staff were able to finish the loan process while she was in the shop, and Elsie left the shop knowing the funds would be in her bank within the next few days.

Conduit staff also told Elsie about the Trusted Traders site so that she could get a few estimates in from reputable tradesmen. Elsie also had high heating costs, so a referral was made on her behalf to a local energy advice company for a free tariff check as well as possibly free insulation and draught-proofing measures.

Elsie was delighted with all the help she received from Conduit Scotland, a different type of lender, and was looking forward to a newly decorated, warm home!