Home Laundry

Posted On: December 19, 2018 Posted In: Conduit Scotland

Home Laundry

Jordan had just turned eighteen, but circumstances had meant he had to leave his family home and get alternative accommodation. With the help of a local housing association, he had recently got the keys to an unfurnished flat. He had sourced most of the furniture he needed from local charity shops, but he really wanted his washing machine to be new and under warranty.

He had heard that Conduit Scotland was a not-for-profit community lender who helped people over eighteen with poor or no credit history, so he went into his local Conduit shop to apply for a loan.

The staff at Conduit were very helpful and friendly which put Jordan at ease and he mentioned that he was on his way for a job interview with a local restaurant which had just opened.

Conduit told Jordan about the Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) to which he could apply for a Crisis or Community Care Grant, which would not be repayable. They also told him about other local companies who recycled household goods, and who were occasionally able to offer new white goods to those, in particular need. However, Jordan decided he wanted to buy the washing machine himself, but he would certainly bear these options in mind for any other items he might need.

Conduit staff helped Jordan to apply for a small loan, which was approved that day and the funds paid into his bank account the following day. Conduit staff explained to Jordan that if he paid the loan on time then this would help him build a credit history which would help him in the future to access mainstream lending.

Jordan was so pleased with the help Conduit Scotland had given him, and a few days later he popped in to tell staff that he had got the job he had applied for and would be starting that weekend.