Wash Day Blues – Good News Story

Posted On: November 6, 2018 Posted In: Conduit Scotland

Wash Day Blues

Rita’s washing machine had broken down and was beyond repair. On top of that, she had injured her arm and was in too much pain to make the bus journey to the nearest launderette.

The washing for herself and her three children was piling up and Rita was beginning to feel more and more depressed.
Life as a single parent was tough enough, without things like this happening so close to Christmas and at a time when the children badly needed warmer clothes for Winter!
Rita had previously borrowed money from her local Provident agent but had realised the interest rate was high. She also felt uncomfortable with the agent collecting the repayment at her door each week.

A friend told Rita about Conduit Scotland, so she went into her local Conduit Scotland branch to apply for a loan on Friday and with the help of the friendly staff at Conduit, Rita’s loan was approved that day and in her bank account on the following Monday!
Rita felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and her mood improved considerably as she was not only able to afford a new washing machine, but also had a little left over to put aside for Christmas presents.

The staff at Conduit Scotland also told Rita about a local charity who could provide quality, second hand clothes for free; told her how to get a free energy tariff check and also reminded her to apply for the Warm Homes Discount.

Rita thanked the staff at Conduit Scotland and took a few leaflets to give to her friends as they were using Provident and would also benefit from the other help Conduit Scotland give.

Conduit Scotland, a different type of lender, giving access not only to fast, fair, affordable and flexible loans but also to other resources on offer from within the community!